A PAJA Membership provides:

1. Support for jazz education on the Peninsula
2. Discounts at special “members only” prices to PAJA concerts
3. Subscription to the Jazz Buff newsletter

4. Attend the annual Member Party concert for FREE.

$35 Single Adult Member, one name, one card
$50 Two adults (same address), two cards, each personalized
$15 Student, one name, one card

Please send check to PAJA Membership, c/o Palo Alto Jazz Alliance, P.O. Box 60397, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Order online to join PAJA or to renew your membership:

Single adult member:35.00 USDone name, one card
Two adults (same address):50.00 USDtwo cards, each personalized
Student member (18 and under):15.00 USDone name, one card
Your membership card will be emailed to you.

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